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Meet Our Team

Our experienced team at Shane Veterinary Medical Center is ready to help your pet with all their veterinary needs.

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Hospital Manager

Rachel Stone, Marina del Rey Hospital Administrator

Rachel Stone, RVT

Hospital Manager
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Rachel has been at Shane Veterinary Medical Center since July of 2008. She received her RVT license in 2009 and became manager of Shane Vet in 2010. Rachel has worked in veterinary medicine since 2001 and often refers to vet med as her ‘home’. Her idea of success in veterinary medicine is empowering clients to make the best decisions they can to care for their pets.


Cynthia, Marina del Rey Patient Care Supervisor

Cynthia Paniagua

Patient Care Supervisor / Specialist Coordinator
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Cynthia oversees all aspects of patient care in the hospital. She coordinates their treatments, discharges and arranges for any specialty consultations that may be required. She is an important asset to our training program and brings over 20 years of veterinary experience to the practice. Cynthia has been a member of the Shane Team since 2014.

Ruben, Marina del Rey Dental Supervisor

Ruben Castillo

Dental Supervisor
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Ruben oversees all dental procedures and works closely with the DVMS to ensure your pet is receiving the best oral care while in our hospital. He performs and interprets dental radiographs and trains up and coming techniques to our Level II and III technicians. Ruben has been a member of the Shane Team since 2014.

Casey, Marina del Rey Surgery Supervisor

Casey Bakker, RVT

Surgery Supervisor
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Casey obtained his RVT License in 2007. Casey maintains all of our surgical equipment as well as be the right hand for any of our surgeons. His advanced knowledge in veterinary anesthesia and surgical techniques makes him an irreplaceable member of the team. Casey Joined Shane Vet in 2020.

Sydra, Marina del Rey Doctor Assistant

Sydra Gianassi

CSR Supervisor
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Sydra is our front desk captain, client advocate and scheduling specialist. She oversees training of all newly hired CSRs and is often referred to as ‘Jack of all Trades’. Sydra has been at Shane Vet since 2021.

Katie, Marina del Rey Inventory Supervisor

Katie Lazo

Inventory / Pharmacy Supervisor
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Katie oversees our spending, organizing and inventory management.

Veterinary Assistants

Julia, Marina del Rey Doctor Assistant

Julia Spanos

Eddie, Marina del Rey Veterinary Technician

Eddie Lopez

Jessi, Marina del Rey Veterinary Technician

Jessi Escalante

Brenda, Marina del Rey Technician Assistant

Brenda Ramirez

Sandra, Marina del Rey Technician Assistant

Sandra Ardon

Doctor Assistants

Brianna, Marina del Rey Doctor Assistant

Brianna Lewis

Jessica, Marina del Rey Doctor Assistant

Jessica Rommell

Leslie, Marina del Rey Doctor Assistant

Leslie DeLoera

Client Service Representatives

Dezzy, Marina del Rey Receptionist

Dezzy Hernandez

Edlin, Marina del Rey Receptionist

Edlin Villalpando

Jamie, Marina del Rey Receptionist

Jamie Taef

Shauna, Marina del Rey Receptionist

Shauna Paniagua

Tierra, Marina del Rey Receptionist

Tierra Sparks

New Patients Welcome

Shane Veterinary Medical Center is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Marina del Rey companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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