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Veterinary Internal Medicine

At Shane Veterinary Medical Center, the board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialist we call in offers specialized care for sick pets.

Please Note: Internal Medicine services are provided by Waves Mobile ACVIM. They provide on-site, board-certified services and are scheduled through Shane Veterinary Medical Center

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Internal Medicine for Cats & Dogs, Marina del Rey Veterinarian

What is veterinary internal medicine?

Veterinary internal medicine is a specialized field within veterinary medicine that focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders affecting the internal systems of cats and dogs. 

It involves in-depth knowledge and expertise in areas such as gastroenterology, endocrinology, nephrology, and respiratory medicine. Veterinary internists use advanced diagnostic techniques, including imaging technologies and laboratory tests, to identify and manage complex medical conditions in animals. 

They also develop comprehensive treatment plans that may involve medications, surgeries, or other interventions to improve the health and well-being of their patients.

Waves Mobile ACVIM

Waves Mobile ACVIM is a specialized, mobile veterinary service that provides comprehensive care and treatment for various medical conditions affecting the internal organs and systems of cats and dogs.

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Treating Disease in Pets

After booking an appointment with Shane Veterinary Medical Center, Waves Mobile ACVIM will complete a thorough physical exam of your pet to formulate a diagnostic plan and create a comprehensive treatment program tailored to your pet’s needs.

Commonly referred conditions include:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Cushing’s Disease
  • Renal Failure
  • Infectious Diseases

Internal Medicine for Cats & Dogs, Marina del Rey Veterinarian

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