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Tips for Veterinary Boarding for Senior Dogs

When you need to find a place to leave your dog while you're away, it can be a daunting task. Today, our veterinarians in Marina del Rey will explain what to look for in a boarding facility and what you can expect.

Selecting a Boarding Facility for Your Senior Dog

The following are important considerations to remember when selecting a boarding facility (kennel) for your older dog.

Check the Rules & Policies

If you plan to board your dog at a facility, it's important to ask the staff about their policies, rules, and regulations. This will help you decide whether the facility is the right fit for your furry friend.

During the conversation, you may want to ask about the type of food they provide, in case you don't bring your dog's food from home.

Additionally, you can ask if you're allowed to bring any toys from home and what their emergency procedures are. By inquiring about their services and procedures, you'll be able to choose the best place for your dog's home away from home.

This is especially true if your dog is recovering from a serious illness or surgical procedure and have special needs, such as medications that need to be administered at a specific time. 

Check Vaccination Requirements

Every dog boarding kennel has its own specific criteria for updated dog vaccinations. However, they do share some general requirements, such as rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella.

To ensure your dog's safety, it is important to ask the boarding facility about their vaccination requirements. Make sure your dog's immunizations are up-to-date and that you have proof of their vaccinations before their stay.

In kennel settings, many common dog illnesses and diseases can spread quickly. Fulfilling a boarding facility's immunization requirements will help keep your dog and other dogs safe during their stay.

Visit the Facility Ahead of Time

Many pet owners opt for kennels as a holiday destination for their furry friends, but these facilities can quickly become untidy. Although a boarding facility may not be entirely sterile, a good-quality kennel should still appear clean and well-maintained.

To ensure that the boarding facility you're considering is up to par, it's advisable to visit the kennel beforehand and ensure that it's organized and spotless.

Additionally, it's beneficial to choose a facility that has cameras monitoring your pet's activities at all times. This is especially useful in case of any unforeseen incidents, particularly if you have an elderly pet.

Trust Your Instincts

We believe that trusting your gut feeling is an excellent initial step when selecting a kennel for your dog. In case you don't feel at ease with a particular kennel, then you should look for another one. If they have policies that you are not comfortable with, keep searching for different kennels until you find one that you can trust without any doubt.

Before & After Your Dog's Stay

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Dogs are skilled at understanding the emotions of their owners. They can easily detect if you are stressed, anxious, or worried, which can affect their behavior and mood, making it difficult for them to relax when you're not around.

To make your pet's separation easier, it's important to keep things simple, short, and positive. 

When leaving your dog at a boarding facility, it's crucial to inform them of any issues your dog may have, including their eating, drinking, exercise habits, and behavior. This will ensure that your furry friend receives the necessary care to get through a typical day away from home.

Behavioral Changes After Boarding

It's important to understand that during the first few days after your dog comes home from the kennel, they may behave a little differently. Your pup might be clingy, lethargic, or have diarrhea. They may even eat or drink more than usual. However, this is a normal response to your dog's excitement about coming home. But, if things don't settle down after a few days, contact your vet.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. Please make an appointment with your vet for an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition or boarding needs.

Boarding facilities require your pet to be up-to-date on vaccines. Contact our Marina del Rey vets to book your pet an appointment for any necessary vaccines.

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